Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Teacher Only day 30/1/13

2013.   Teacher only day
 On whiteboard.      Overview ....thinking to create value...(.don't need to be hung up on a definition )

Warm - up.  Intro Start 3 groups.  Two true things you did in the holidays and 1 lie/ rest of the group attempt to find the lie...quick fire ..chocolate fish for the first correct answer

Start with the video... Youtube
Stavros Flately.......kefi is a greek word meaning  zest for life...positive disposition.  It is contagious so is IFEK. The opposite of kefi
Have you got your kefi.?
Do you Feed off positive energy...create a positive energy and connection in your room with your kids

Think pair share.......how or what do you do?

3 ways to find your kefi.....what did you do in the holidays to find / restore your kefi?

How do you maintain your kefi.  .... Sence of fun and positive energy

 Be a kefi creater not a kefi crusher
Focus on 3 things
Using your Passion
Why is humour so important ....because it indicates that the brain is functioning and attempting to form patterns ,that eventually lead to logical thinking.

Instruction for activity
independent  or shared  2-3 max task
So  why a pthinking school culture?
20 mins 2  for each sentences so they are the best example of what you believe
Construct a definition or a least the criteria that describes / defines the word fun..what does it look. Like,feel like
Write sentences up.
 Teaching thinking to kids gives them options and something to do in any situation..we are providing the tools and experiences to open them up to possibilities!

Embedding Nga Matapono. .........  These need to be living and breathing in our school are our kids curious, risk takers etc....what do we do to keep this alive and in front of our kids ...what does it mean?
Activity to do this.........what are they?
4 groups and jigsaw it

Finish up
If you are going to change nothing about what you are currently doing then we have all wasted our time,
What are you going to change? How are you going to make a little dent in the Universe?
If we teach our children today as we taught yesterday then we rob them of their tomorrow
John Dewey

Into planning...practical
Now story.......how the World actually works now....not history
Curriculum design me leading half day   Planning connected curriculum topic  T1. Science.
Ecological communities ...sustaining our physical environments
Planet earth and beyond... Our physical environment ,Manawatu  how NZ became itself
What is missing, not covered yet
Lead how to connect.....use Lanes 9 step process covered by Lane on Tuesday
Note divide questions into googlable and non googlable.....so that those that can be goggled can  be done so and those that are the left are the rich learning ones

T2.  social science Marae visit, NZ history, Tikanga,arts, maybe new school murals as the rich outcome
financial literacy quiddage, market day fund raiser.. Rich outcome...resource
Taking part in Economic Communities
T4 Hauora  how live differently..town n country NZ lifestyle choices etc
Trip , day out perhaps enter into an event as authentic audience
Mansfield  consortium to stage amp  royal show.
Premium event, goes nationallyFri through Sunday
Youth and child based day how to connect with the school and community
Trades lifestyle and entertainment
Town meeting country
Lifestyle 6-8 December. Hauora. Competitions

Lead Planning  if required..pull it all together
9 step process
So what
Curriculum. Criteria,
Main organisers
Processes production or communication
Skills criteria
Immersion tasks

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