Tuesday, July 23, 2013

MPA Sector Forum Mtg Property Rep Central South 8 May

Central South Sector Forum
Handbook to accompany the meeting
Regional Property Advisors and Head Office Staff
All info will be on the property website in the tool box  and the summary sheet
If we are waiting for engineering advice then a school can
If there are SNUP issues then link back to the MOE Property Advisor and they will sort the appropriate point of contact and get the issues resolved
Schools are being listened to less and less in terms of what is needed rather than MOE policy driving all of the decisions ........who are the MOE working with , is there sector input to these forums?

 Roger Brady....is leading the transformation of property...to become a more strategic asset management organisation.......real strategic asset managers trying to work with the sector in partnership
Want to be more involved in the first 2?years of the property plan and then TRUST the property manager after that to roll out the rest of the work

Clarity around the roles
Project Manager coordinates the work
Strong emphasis on the Property Advisor as the person for all questions to go to.

Suppliers ....architects project managers

SPRG.   Schools property representative group....looking at what is needed , services , access .......
Helios is a replacement system for PIMS designed to move MOE away from funding stream and a more strategic and partnership model....the desire is to deliver a more integrated approach so that all information is available as it is generated to all parties

K2.  Aims to have all the documents and drawing stored within the system so that everyone can see the same thing ...ie the plan of the schools and classroom by classroom drawings and all related info ie conditional assessment , audit ,land titles , other assets , prior work etc.....takes all the information and populates where the work level is required.........this will take away our input and feed into the basic one for all MOE plans that are developed.

Communicating the Change
Property News
SEOUL newsletter-Ex factor
Also Helios.Support@minedu.govt.nz

This info needs to get through to our members

Basis behind all the changes is to streamline many of the planning aspects and to avoid schools reinventing the wheel or getting different plans from different Architects etc
Everything should eventually be stored under K2

Jerome Shepperd
5YP  and Property Plans
If there are special needs modifications then they are handles by the MOE in consultation with the school.

Craig Cliff
Reference designs ......fit for purpose buildings ..modernised teaching spaces
Standardised design process so that everyone is not reinventing the wheel
Following more standardised designs for all schools
Suite of reference designs.......
Ultimately  there will be standard designs for ..
Toilet blocks
Learning spaces
Special needs areas
Notion of central commons areas ....ways to design existing buildings to incorporate central common area and the break away working spaces

Earthquake assessment
Lessons learned
Conditional assessment
Use of relocatables to enable occupancy
Concerns over occupancy liability ...talk to the Property Advisor

Craig Harvett
Building Improvement Programme update
Movement away from using 3 large firms ie Prendos, Alexander's etc and more into independent providers that have the on site knowledge of the actual schools ...local personnel ie Quantity surveyor , project manager , local engineers
The frustration around the length of time from identification to action........ Some explanation of the steps required can be gained from Craig...
Ie  3 months from identification to actually securing approved engineer to be available to do the conditional assessment ,
then back to MOE for decision on repair , rebuild ...
then procurement process for tenders is another 3 months
 the design process is approximately  6 months  with consultation time
 3 month build .
..so all up it is currently a 2 year process

For contacts
The front of PMIS has the current staff and contacts and designated Property Managers for each School

Project Managers ..what they provide and how the MOE works with them
Every school needs a Professional project manager for the Plan and significant capital works and every project also needs someone to manage it and it doesn't necessarily need a Professional Manger
Discussed preferred contractors /suppliers and point all school to the preferred supplier
If you take a project manager from the preferred list you do not have to go through a procurement procedure
Procurement process on GETS........ May be pushed out past 10 days to up to a month....more info out to schools later from MOE

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