Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NZPF MOOT 22 March

NZPF Moot 2013
Moot ...assembly convened for the purpose of debate
Or adjective..of little or no practical value or meaning - purely academic
Novopay...backlog still 2000 outstanding tickets

Reasonable and ethical Discussions
Informed messages
Positive working relationships with parents

Liz Hawes will provide the media release that encapsulates the key messages
The lost curriculum...divert the energy back to the richness...we have continued to do this I believe

Technology , engagement and kids knowing the learning process...this is the pivitol point \ strategy for our focus

Peter Witana
Challenge to treat all Maori students as Maori
Te Mata Maori...NZPF joint initiative for raising the achievement of Maori
Endgame in culturally appropriate ways ...what are thes....meeting the needs and interests of Maori students,,,,,,,explore this further with Jack

Chris Harwood
PaCT       progress and consistency tool
Screen similar to eTap
Compulsory from 2014 for all students
Series of judgements across a range of aspects , then teachers still make a final judgement to give the OTJ
Basically it is a format to record thinking..which I would hope and believe  we are already doing
Requires loading from enroll to PaCT

Info available on either the NZPF website or emailed out

Paul Goulter
GERM. Global educational reform movement. Oasi Salsburg
Threats are

 Antedots  to the germ

Value added data from data input is linked directly to the potential to give performance pay based on value added data

Perryv Rush
Deliberate and ethical leadership
His curriculum doc
Conceptualising the local curriculum
The power of the NZC and what we are challenged to do
Enabling teachers to do their professional

For Nikki sand Debs days
Philosophy, culture, practice.........extrapolate these out
.....the why we do what we do and the beliefs ...I need to do this clearly to link with our Matapono ....ie expand the beliefs out.........what is the research that backs our beliefs
Conversations around student learning that is our rich curriculum and seizing the opportunities to go wide , exciting and engaging for our learner s now.

Can our nga  Matapono have a Maori word as the describer...ie wairua Spirt
Whanagatanga...sharing etc.   excellence........competency/
skill ?z.

Commiting to paper the research and speakers we have had for PD
research visible learning ..Hattiesburg...expert teaching stuff
Best evidence synthesis.......l..the hidden lives of learner s
Use these to write the points of belief underpinning learning

Questions for community and teachers and even children
What are the issues problems and potentials worthy of engaging children in ?
What is our graduate profile?
What are our core beliefs and values?
What are the actuals of  the key competencies
Maybe we should get Lane back to talk about the learning process

Record some speakers we have had
Record some schools we have visited

Note Science is specifically mentioned as a requirement to deliver science through literacy and Numeracy

 Enosis Auva'a
Pa sif ika. Pronunciation
How do we engage
Talk to Drew
Pacifica Education Plan
What are we missing , currently doing?
Drew to start his music /Band  action planning

Chris Hipkins
Labour Party spokesperson on Education
Great speaker

Martin Thrupp
RAINS. Research analysis and insight into National Standards

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