Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Discussion Staff 20 May

Discussion points with Staff.  Nuts n bolts
Core business of teaching and learning with a future focus in
Question what do you think  the  future will look like....physically ,curriculum wise
My Purpose is to build a culture of continuous learning as there is no longer a one teaching and learning model that will be directed from above

Explain the point of this term re performance management
Ie T2 meetings with me are not an assessment or a check up , they are a second opportunity for me to give positive feedback that I dont always get the opportunity to do on an individual basis
Chat about where you are up to with teacher inquiry and what is going really  well in  your rooms
I am prepared to give every full time teaching staff member 1 extra day .....this is not for report writing or testing or planning ...it is for visiting other classes or schools  or even attending a workshop that is related to the inquiry you are undertaking
The focus for the next 2terms is business as usual , writing ,teacher inquiry, data
Team leaders will decide on the need to either meet and discuss targets and data or whether it can be entered  directly...... We do need the opportunities to meet and professionally discuss our children's progress and moderate and share ideas and next steps.
Writing meeting ...bring cold sample to team meeting...I will come to senior school
Katrina  and Lynne to join middles with Kelly
Junior team does not need to moderate before reporting to Parents
Remember we have very few staff meetings this year

Determine trip days through me .
.ie could be teams  to particular schools which I could suggest  topics. Could include future build or great practice or specific areas of practice
Maybe start visit day with a look at these clips
Share Ken Robinson Ted Talk
Dr Keri Facer clip

Window cover up
Security...burg at Longburn school
 Writing moderation

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