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NZPF MOOT 22 March

NZPF Moot 2013
Moot ...assembly convened for the purpose of debate
Or adjective..of little or no practical value or meaning - purely academic
Novopay...backlog still 2000 outstanding tickets

Reasonable and ethical Discussions
Informed messages
Positive working relationships with parents

Liz Hawes will provide the media release that encapsulates the key messages
The lost curriculum...divert the energy back to the richness...we have continued to do this I believe

Technology , engagement and kids knowing the learning process...this is the pivitol point \ strategy for our focus

Peter Witana
Challenge to treat all Maori students as Maori
Te Mata Maori...NZPF joint initiative for raising the achievement of Maori
Endgame in culturally appropriate ways ...what are thes....meeting the needs and interests of Maori students,,,,,,,explore this further with Jack

Chris Harwood
PaCT       progress and consistency tool
Screen similar to eTap
Compulsory from 2014 for all students
Series of judgements across a range of aspects , then teachers still make a final judgement to give the OTJ
Basically it is a format to record thinking..which I would hope and believe  we are already doing
Requires loading from enroll to PaCT

Info available on either the NZPF website or emailed out

Paul Goulter
GERM. Global educational reform movement. Oasi Salsburg
Threats are

 Antedots  to the germ

Value added data from data input is linked directly to the potential to give performance pay based on value added data

Perryv Rush
Deliberate and ethical leadership
His curriculum doc
Conceptualising the local curriculum
The power of the NZC and what we are challenged to do
Enabling teachers to do their professional

For Nikki sand Debs days
Philosophy, culture, practice.........extrapolate these out
.....the why we do what we do and the beliefs ...I need to do this clearly to link with our Matapono ....ie expand the beliefs out.........what is the research that backs our beliefs
Conversations around student learning that is our rich curriculum and seizing the opportunities to go wide , exciting and engaging for our learner s now.

Can our nga  Matapono have a Maori word as the describer...ie wairua Spirt
Whanagatanga...sharing etc.   excellence........competency/
skill ?z.

Commiting to paper the research and speakers we have had for PD
research visible learning ..Hattiesburg...expert teaching stuff
Best evidence synthesis.......l..the hidden lives of learner s
Use these to write the points of belief underpinning learning

Questions for community and teachers and even children
What are the issues problems and potentials worthy of engaging children in ?
What is our graduate profile?
What are our core beliefs and values?
What are the actuals of  the key competencies
Maybe we should get Lane back to talk about the learning process

Record some speakers we have had
Record some schools we have visited

Note Science is specifically mentioned as a requirement to deliver science through literacy and Numeracy

 Enosis Auva'a
Pa sif ika. Pronunciation
How do we engage
Talk to Drew
Pacifica Education Plan
What are we missing , currently doing?
Drew to start his music /Band  action planning

Chris Hipkins
Labour Party spokesperson on Education
Great speaker

Martin Thrupp
RAINS. Research analysis and insight into National Standards

MPA Sector Forum Mtg Property Rep Central South 8 May

Central South Sector Forum
Handbook to accompany the meeting
Regional Property Advisors and Head Office Staff
All info will be on the property website in the tool box  and the summary sheet
If we are waiting for engineering advice then a school can
If there are SNUP issues then link back to the MOE Property Advisor and they will sort the appropriate point of contact and get the issues resolved
Schools are being listened to less and less in terms of what is needed rather than MOE policy driving all of the decisions ........who are the MOE working with , is there sector input to these forums?

 Roger Brady....is leading the transformation of property...to become a more strategic asset management organisation.......real strategic asset managers trying to work with the sector in partnership
Want to be more involved in the first 2?years of the property plan and then TRUST the property manager after that to roll out the rest of the work

Clarity around the roles
Project Manager coordinates the work
Strong emphasis on the Property Advisor as the person for all questions to go to.

Suppliers ....architects project managers

SPRG.   Schools property representative group....looking at what is needed , services , access .......
Helios is a replacement system for PIMS designed to move MOE away from funding stream and a more strategic and partnership model....the desire is to deliver a more integrated approach so that all information is available as it is generated to all parties

K2.  Aims to have all the documents and drawing stored within the system so that everyone can see the same thing ...ie the plan of the schools and classroom by classroom drawings and all related info ie conditional assessment , audit ,land titles , other assets , prior work etc.....takes all the information and populates where the work level is required.........this will take away our input and feed into the basic one for all MOE plans that are developed.

Communicating the Change
Property News
SEOUL newsletter-Ex factor
Also Helios.Support@minedu.govt.nz

This info needs to get through to our members

Basis behind all the changes is to streamline many of the planning aspects and to avoid schools reinventing the wheel or getting different plans from different Architects etc
Everything should eventually be stored under K2

Jerome Shepperd
5YP  and Property Plans
If there are special needs modifications then they are handles by the MOE in consultation with the school.

Craig Cliff
Reference designs ......fit for purpose buildings ..modernised teaching spaces
Standardised design process so that everyone is not reinventing the wheel
Following more standardised designs for all schools
Suite of reference designs.......
Ultimately  there will be standard designs for ..
Toilet blocks
Learning spaces
Special needs areas
Notion of central commons areas ....ways to design existing buildings to incorporate central common area and the break away working spaces

Earthquake assessment
Lessons learned
Conditional assessment
Use of relocatables to enable occupancy
Concerns over occupancy liability ...talk to the Property Advisor

Craig Harvett
Building Improvement Programme update
Movement away from using 3 large firms ie Prendos, Alexander's etc and more into independent providers that have the on site knowledge of the actual schools ...local personnel ie Quantity surveyor , project manager , local engineers
The frustration around the length of time from identification to action........ Some explanation of the steps required can be gained from Craig...
Ie  3 months from identification to actually securing approved engineer to be available to do the conditional assessment ,
then back to MOE for decision on repair , rebuild ...
then procurement process for tenders is another 3 months
 the design process is approximately  6 months  with consultation time
 3 month build .
..so all up it is currently a 2 year process

For contacts
The front of PMIS has the current staff and contacts and designated Property Managers for each School

Project Managers ..what they provide and how the MOE works with them
Every school needs a Professional project manager for the Plan and significant capital works and every project also needs someone to manage it and it doesn't necessarily need a Professional Manger
Discussed preferred contractors /suppliers and point all school to the preferred supplier
If you take a project manager from the preferred list you do not have to go through a procurement procedure
Procurement process on GETS........ May be pushed out past 10 days to up to a month....more info out to schools later from MOE

Discussion Staff 20 May

Discussion points with Staff.  Nuts n bolts
Core business of teaching and learning with a future focus in
Question what do you think  the  future will look like....physically ,curriculum wise
My Purpose is to build a culture of continuous learning as there is no longer a one teaching and learning model that will be directed from above

Explain the point of this term re performance management
Ie T2 meetings with me are not an assessment or a check up , they are a second opportunity for me to give positive feedback that I dont always get the opportunity to do on an individual basis
Chat about where you are up to with teacher inquiry and what is going really  well in  your rooms
I am prepared to give every full time teaching staff member 1 extra day .....this is not for report writing or testing or planning ...it is for visiting other classes or schools  or even attending a workshop that is related to the inquiry you are undertaking
The focus for the next 2terms is business as usual , writing ,teacher inquiry, data
Team leaders will decide on the need to either meet and discuss targets and data or whether it can be entered  directly...... We do need the opportunities to meet and professionally discuss our children's progress and moderate and share ideas and next steps.
Writing meeting ...bring cold sample to team meeting...I will come to senior school
Katrina  and Lynne to join middles with Kelly
Junior team does not need to moderate before reporting to Parents
Remember we have very few staff meetings this year

Determine trip days through me .
.ie could be teams  to particular schools which I could suggest  topics. Could include future build or great practice or specific areas of practice
Maybe start visit day with a look at these clips
Share Ken Robinson Ted Talk
Dr Keri Facer clip

Window cover up
Security...burg at Longburn school
 Writing moderation

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Teacher Only day 30/1/13

2013.   Teacher only day
 On whiteboard.      Overview ....thinking to create value...(.don't need to be hung up on a definition )

Warm - up.  Intro Start 3 groups.  Two true things you did in the holidays and 1 lie/ rest of the group attempt to find the lie...quick fire ..chocolate fish for the first correct answer

Start with the video... Youtube
Stavros Flately.......kefi is a greek word meaning  zest for life...positive disposition.  It is contagious so is IFEK. The opposite of kefi
Have you got your kefi.?
Do you Feed off positive energy...create a positive energy and connection in your room with your kids

Think pair share.......how or what do you do?

3 ways to find your kefi.....what did you do in the holidays to find / restore your kefi?

How do you maintain your kefi.  .... Sence of fun and positive energy

 Be a kefi creater not a kefi crusher
Focus on 3 things
Using your Passion
Why is humour so important ....because it indicates that the brain is functioning and attempting to form patterns ,that eventually lead to logical thinking.

Instruction for activity
independent  or shared  2-3 max task
So  why a pthinking school culture?
20 mins 2  for each sentences so they are the best example of what you believe
Construct a definition or a least the criteria that describes / defines the word fun..what does it look. Like,feel like
Write sentences up.
 Teaching thinking to kids gives them options and something to do in any situation..we are providing the tools and experiences to open them up to possibilities!

Embedding Nga Matapono. .........  These need to be living and breathing in our school are our kids curious, risk takers etc....what do we do to keep this alive and in front of our kids ...what does it mean?
Activity to do this.........what are they?
4 groups and jigsaw it

Finish up
If you are going to change nothing about what you are currently doing then we have all wasted our time,
What are you going to change? How are you going to make a little dent in the Universe?
If we teach our children today as we taught yesterday then we rob them of their tomorrow
John Dewey

Into planning...practical
Now story.......how the World actually works now....not history
Curriculum design me leading half day   Planning connected curriculum topic  T1. Science.
Ecological communities ...sustaining our physical environments
Planet earth and beyond... Our physical environment ,Manawatu  how NZ became itself
What is missing, not covered yet
Lead how to connect.....use Lanes 9 step process covered by Lane on Tuesday
Note divide questions into googlable and non googlable.....so that those that can be goggled can  be done so and those that are the left are the rich learning ones

T2.  social science Marae visit, NZ history, Tikanga,arts, maybe new school murals as the rich outcome
financial literacy quiddage, market day fund raiser.. Rich outcome...resource
Taking part in Economic Communities
T4 Hauora  how live differently..town n country NZ lifestyle choices etc
Trip , day out perhaps enter into an event as authentic audience
Mansfield  consortium to stage amp  royal show.
Premium event, goes nationallyFri through Sunday
Youth and child based day how to connect with the school and community
Trades lifestyle and entertainment
Town meeting country
Lifestyle 6-8 December. Hauora. Competitions

Lead Planning  if required..pull it all together
9 step process
So what
Curriculum. Criteria,
Main organisers
Processes production or communication
Skills criteria
Immersion tasks

Lane Leadership

Leadership Day .....Lane Clark
Leading a Real thinking real learning school
Key Messages
Michael Fullens Power Principals
This day was all about identifying my own personal next steps to tackle the change required to make a pedagogical shift in our school
Developing a personal plan to make a difference.
This is a long term shift and change and will continue over many years .
We are only at year 2
Staff need to know that this is not going away , and Developement through Leadership Team is essential to our schools success and capacity to move forward
Notes included
Wildly important Goal for a real thinking learning school
To engage ,to enable , to empower, to awaken their sole
Teaching them how to learn......beyond the curriculum.........how to think
Our goal... To make a difference ..
To kindle kids fires for learning and life..... To engage
To create the magic ...along the way we have to do the tests and follow the imperatives set at school or government level
A discussion tool for where we are at?
the scale of Pedagogical Change
Explore" the process to measure a schools change"
Tracking the change of Pedagogical Change
Use the scale at both an individual and a school level
My to dos
Buy the Big Thinkbox for each room and get it up with our model for learning
Staff meeting
Visual line up of Lanes model and ours ...use the symbols and match pull model into the linear form
Immersion cards ..task cards ....use a thinking tool....maybe think it great process. Lanes model. Ours in a venn what / where is the alignment
Also make up the ORGANISER to guide the teachers discovery
Use the author think model as a staff meeting model to hang the above on
ReRead Michael Fullan 2003 the Power Principals
Re Read Stephen Covey 7 habits and get the 8 habit. Wildly important goals
what next? And in what order?
I like the concept of the tracked think box for each learning module
Use our model add the stretch out in order and use these symbols consistently across the school for the stages...we designed this and agreed on it so use it